March 15, 2010

Work vs. Worth Ethic

How often have you heard, “That kids got a great work ethic,” or “If you only had the work ethic to go along with all that potential.”

It’s been all too often I’m sure. People are praised all the time for having a great work ethic and for constantly working at something. But is all that work worthwhile? Is the time that’s being put in worth it? Is the product at the end of all that work going to advance you or make you better or are you just working for the sake of working? Is it just “at” something or “towards” something? Did you set a goal before hand to get yourself somewhere? I hope you did or you just spent a lot of time working and sweating for little or no result.

Now don’t think having great work ethic is a waste of time, I would never knock anyone who puts in their blood, sweat, tears, hard-work and time in for something, I live that part myself. But what can you do to change that work ethic to worth ethic? Still putting in the grind and the hours but making sure you’re getting something out of it and that it’s going to do you wonders in the future. It might be going into a workout with a set goal in mind to make that work worthwhile. Reading not only for work or because you have to but actually applying it or focusing on reading that is worth something in your life whether it personal or business related. Even hopping on Facebook, can you make that worth your time? I almost guarantee that you can, you just have to explore the way to make it happen.

Don’t just work for the sake of working, life’s to short, make it worth it and maybe you might actually enjoy it along the way.

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